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Build with Bailey: Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Bailey manufactures Chief® and Maxim® cylinders, hydraulic power units, Sure Grip® controls, and a diverse mix of standard cylinders, pumps, motors, controls, and valves. Our manufacturing processes are held to the highest standards and Bailey is an ISO 9001:2015 registered manufacturer.

We offer quality mobile hydraulic components on time, on budget and on specification.

Short Lead Times

For years Bailey has been focusing on process improvement and adding key pieces of equipment to ensure that we can meet the expectations of our customers. In addition, constant attention to the supply chain and maintaining strong, continuous communication throughout the organization has allowed Bailey to achieve industry leading lead times. Whether it’s hydraulic power units, a valve or pump assembly or complete custom cylinders, we can get the job done in time for your production needs.

Currently our lead time on custom cylinders is 4-6 weeks for most designs and 2 weeks for our quick-ship service for qualified designs. For hydraulic power units, lead times are 2 to 3 weeks. The lead times are much shorter, depending upon key factors, for valve assemblies and production kits.

On-Time Delivery

Currently Bailey’s on-time delivery performance is at 99.89% for domestic custom hydraulic cylinders and 94% for custom hydraulic power units. When delays do occur - our customers typically do not wait more than 2-3 days beyond our promise date. On time delivery encompasses your requests for quotes too. Most custom hydraulic cylinder quotes can be completed 32 hours or less. Quotes for hydraulic power units can be completed within 48 hours. For valve, hose and pump assemblies, the turnaround time for quotes is 24 hours or less. Please note that not all designs will fit within these parameters and some may require more diligent design efforts.

Inventory Management

Helping you smooth out the supply chain and ensure delivery of your products is an area of service that Bailey excels in. We understand the importance of production schedules and how inventory flow can impact the bottom line. For years Bailey has served its customers by offering flexible solutions for inventory needs such as blanket purchase orders, established inventory holding levels and Kanban fulfillment. We’re manufacturers too with a supply chain that stretches across the globe; so we have the knowledge and experience to help manage your hydraulic inventory needs.

Engineering Services and Technical Support

Designing hydraulic cylinders and power units or configuring the right valve and pump assemblies is only part of how Bailey can be of service. Our engineers and technical support specialists can also help with troubleshooting, product selection and hydraulic system inquires. In addition to mechanical engineers we have certified hydraulic specialist and experienced mechanics and technicians on staff. The close working relationship we maintain with our suppliers allows us to tap into their knowledge, experience and resources when needed.