Chief V10 Vane Pump, 1.0 CID, 5 GPM, CW, 2 Bolt A

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Versatile: High flow, pressure and speed capabilities enable these Pump to meet the needs of modern vehicle hydraulic circuits. Optional flow control and priority valve covers offer even more versatility.
Reliable: The superior design of these units makes them last longer ... they’ve proven they’ll hold up in rugged applications such as trenchers, backhoes and tractors.
Hydraulic Balance: Internal inlet and outlet pressure chambers are Dia.metrically opposed. As a result, pressure-induced raDia.l loads are balanced ... bearings have to carry the external load only.
Performance: Low vane tip/ring loading allows high pressure operation. High speeds are possible because the inlet flow paths are designed to give uniform oil acceleration - thus better filling - particularly at low inlet pressures.
12.00 LBS