MVP Program

Motors, Manifolds, Valves, and Pumps

When standard items don’t fit your specifications, Bailey’s MVP Program is your solution. A new and unique resource in the hydraulic marketplace, our MVP Program brings together an extensive scope of customizable hydraulic components to fit your application and meet your needs.

We are uniquely equipped to build-to-order motors, manifolds, valves, and pumps. For shorter lead times, our specialists can reconfigure available stock to suit nearly any application. 

Customizable, Configurable, and In-Stock Equipment

The Bailey MVP Program’s hydraulics experts provide superior-level support and quick turnaround options of common or hard-to-find, specialized motors, manifolds, valves, and pumps. Our team works with customers to understand their requirements and provide industry-leading configuration and conversion capabilities, an extensive scope of products, large in-stock inventory, and design and fabrication capability solutions.

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Our MVP Program configures hydraulic components within an extensive range of specifications. View our capabilities and more general information on the program:


Customizable Geroler, piston and gear motors for the mobile hydraulic market are available within the following ranges:

  • Gear motors from 2.8cc up to 75cc.
  • Low speed, high torque (LSHT) Geroler motors from 50cc up to 1000cc.
  • Closed and open circuit fixed-displacement axial piston motors.


Bailey offers custom manifold assemblies, standard configuration sub-plates, valve blocks, and line bodies within the following parameters:

  • 1500 sq ft of dedicated manifold floor space with two automated and two manual machines.
  • Design engineers and technical support professionals on staff with integrated automation and testing software ready to take on your custom manifold project.
  • Hundreds of pre-designed and configured manifold blocks and assemblies are in stock and ready to ship.


A complete selection of configurable and customizable valve assemblies with a wide range of control, flow, relief and inlet options:

  • Competitor brand equivalent cartridge valve configurations, including solenoid-operated options.
  • Monoblock valves from 10 to 32 GPM in up to 7 work sections.
  • Sectional valves from 12 to 63 GPM in up to 12 work sections with electronic controls.
  • Proportional stack valves up to 158 GPM with electronic controls.


Customized pumps including gear, piston, vane and dump pumps are available with the following specifications:

  • Gear pumps from 0.5 to 50 GPM.
  • Bent-axis piston pumps from 5 to 35 GPM
  • Variable-displacement piston pumps from 8 to 65 GPM.
  • Single and double vane and dump pump options.


You'll find MVP Program products in applications across these industries and more:





MVP Center

The MVP Program’s dedicated facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is 17,000 square feet of warehouse, manufacturing and configuring facilities. The MVP Center houses a team of specialists with over 70 years of combined experience in building, servicing, and configuring hydraulic motors, manifolds, valves, and pumps. Each of the Bailey’s network of six warehouse locations, across the United States and Canada, stock additional MVP items, ready to ship straight to your door.

Contact the MVP Center

To discuss your custom hydraulic needs, speak with your Account Representative or call
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Hours: 8 am to 5:30 pm ET, Mon - Fri

¹ Exceptions may apply for items stating "Ships within 24 Hours" depending on holidays, time and day of the week, weather, and other factors. View our Shipping info page for details.