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Why Hydraulics Pumps Fail

There are three primary reasons as to why a hydraulic pump may fail - heat, contamination or cavitation.




How to Measure Gear Pump in Cubic Inches

In this installment of the Learn with Bailey video series, we'll be looking at how to accurately measure the cubic inch displacement in a gear pump.



Setting the System Relief Pressure

Join us to learn how to set appropriate system relief pressure in this handy video in our Learn with Bailey series.




Directional Control Valves

Understand the differences between 3 way and 4 way control valves, detent or spring action and more in this installment of our Learn with Bailey video series.



How to Measure a Hydraulic Cylinder

Learn what key measurements are necessary in determining the correct size hydraulic cylinder for your application in this installment of our Learn with Bailey video series.




Choosing a Tie-Rod or Welded Cylinder

Do you know the difference between a tie-rod and welded cylinder? Learn the key differences between these two popular types of hydraulic cylinders and decide which is best for your application in our Learn with Bailey video series.




Plumbing a Control Valve

Learn the proper way to plumb a control valve with this step by step video from our Learn with Bailey video series.




Installing an Electro-Hydraulic Third Function Kit

Learn how to install a third function kit on your tractor to extend its functionality in the field with our step by step video.