Hydraulic Formulas

Torque, HP, Speed Relations in Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

T = (HP x 5252) / RPM HP = (T x RPM) / 5252 RPM = (HP x 5252) / T


T = Torque, foot-lbs
RPM = Speed, revs./minute
HP = Horsepower

Hydraulic Power Flowing Through the Pipes

HP = (PSI x GPM) / 1714


HP = Horsepower
PSI = Gauge pressure, lbs/sq. inch
GPM = Flow, gallons per minute

Force Developed by an Air or Hydraulic Cylinder

F = A x PSI


F = Force or thrust, lbs
A = Piston area, square inches
PSI = Gauge pressure, lbs/sq. inch

Inch & Millimeters (MM) Conversions

MM = inches x 25.4
Inches = MM x 0.03937

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