Three Way Thermostatic Valves: 110 °F Shift Temperature

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TTP thermostatic valves use the principle of expanding wax. A self-contained power Element activates a stainless steel sliding valve that provides a positive three-way valve action. All temperature settings are factory set. Elements are field replaceable to obtain the same, or a new  temperature setting. 
On starting, total ?ow is in the mode. As the ?uid temperature rises, some ?uid is diverted to the cooling system. As ?uid temperature continues to rise, more ?ow is diverted until the valve is fully stroked. At this point, all the ?ow is diverted to the Cooler. With respect to temperature ranges, the “nominal” temperature represents the “operating temperature.” The first figure in the temperature range represents the valve opening point, and the second figure represents the full open point. Temperature settings are nominal. 110 °F and 140 °F are standard. Other settings are available upon request. The valves begin to “shift” (open) about 10 °F below the nominal temperature setting and are fully shifted about 10 °F above.
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